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Chauvin Verdict: a message from the NAACP GNAB President

Justice is Served!

The Greater Nashua Area Branch (GNAB) NAACP has cheered, along with the country and the world, that justice was finally handed down for the George Floyd murder. We can all sleep better tonight knowing that Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts.

The world watched in horror the senseless killing of Mr. Floyd. Murders of this nature have been happening for generations. Even with videos in the brutal beating of Rodney King displayed on TV, there was no justice or accountability. However, today’s verdict held the police officer accountable for his actions. Modern technology -- the phone camera of a young woman -- shook the country with Mr. Floyd’s horrific death.

The fight is not over; we must hold those in power and protectors of public safety accountable for misconduct, bias, and racism. The GNAB NAACP looks forward to working with Greater Nashua area police departments on transparency and reform. We welcome you to join the Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP to fight for justice wherever there are injustices.

Linda Gathright, President

GNAB 2008-B

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