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National NAACP in Boston MA

The 114th annual National Convention of the NAACP was held in Boston MA, and so many from our branch and from New Hampshire were able to attend! All three of NH branches & their Delegation attended. Presidents Linda Gathright (Greater Nashua) Jim McKim (Manchester) & Robert Thompson (Seacoast)

One inspiring night: former US Attorney General and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, awarded and honored the fabulous 91 year old Dr. Hazel N. Dukes with the 108th Spingard Medal Award from the NAACP!

On another evening, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about the “full on attempt to attack hard fought and hard won rights,” in her interview with Attorney General Andrea Campbell. The vice president encouraged people to “register to vote, and then vote” to combat these issues.

First VP Gloria Timmons and President Linda Gathright enjoy the leadership reception:

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