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A Message from President Linda Gathright

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Greetings Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP,

First, I want to thank my predecessor, the Honorable Gloria Timmons, for her dedication and unwavering work on behalf of the Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP. I know she will continue to work with us as we venture into this age of virtual meetings, navigating the challenges and climate that we face daily across greater Nashua, the state, and the country.

We will be sending out notifications of our first meetings shortly.

I am honored and ready to serve as your president. Thank you for believing in me and the wonderful officers recently elected:

  • President: Linda H. Gathright

  • 1st Vice President: Jahmar Gathright

  • 2nd Vice President: Sharron Rowlett-Moore

  • Treasurer: Dede Reynolds

  • Secretary: Jasmine Gathright

  • Secretary: Cindy Burrows

  • Executive Officer: JoAnne St. John

  • Executive Officer: Gloria Timmons

For all those who are chairing or serving on our committees, thank you for remaining in your positions.

Linda Gathright

President, GNAB NAACP

(603) 880-4537

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