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Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP Vice President Sylvia Gale (1950 - 2020)

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

GNAB NAACP Third Vice President Sylvia Gale lost an extended battle with cancer on July 18, 2020.

Sylvia and Gloria

GNAB NAACP President Gloria Timmons:

I lost a dear friend and colleague. This giant of an activist was true to her words. Sylvia didn’t sit on the side lines and watch the parade; she was leading the parade. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. She was the Third Vice President of the Greater Nashua Area Branch NAACP and was a continuous supporter of OBU, League of Women Voters, NCCRJ, and MB. She was a huge supporter of SEIU. I am sure I missed something, because she was a part of everything.

Where there was injustice, you would see Sylvia. She was an active member of the community and of the Democratic Party. Sylvia did not talk the walk; she walked the talk. She supported me and my family. I was in constant contact with her. I love my dear friend. Through our retirement from the state of New Hampshire, we remained active in all causes. We ran and lost some races, but we didn’t give up. She will be missed tremendously by me and the citizens of Nashua.

You were what a hero looks like, Sylvia! Courageous and strong a voice for the people.

Sylvia's obituary is posted here.

A memorial gathering for Sylvia was held on September 6, 2020 at Nashua's Greeley Park. A few pictures of the memorabilia from Sylvia's collection:

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